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The Corona situation

Dear friends, clients and partners,

you have now successfully survived the first week of Corona-related restrictions, and we hope you are in a good place, both emotionally and socially.

We are also aware that for some of you this new situation is a huge challenge, both emotionally and financially. With so many of us working from home and having to combine our jobs with our families, not to mention only being able to see our colleagues on a computer screen, our everyday working lives have changed drastically. Listening to our colleagues and understanding exactly where they are at has become more important than ever. We have also had some positive experiences over the past week. Despite all contact being transferred into digital space in the virtual world, we have still managed to connect with each other and exchange our thoughts, and work together to come up with creative new ideas. We hope to continue supporting you by lending a friendly ear or acting as a mental sparring partner, whether to address your own emotional needs or in regard to upcoming decisions and procedures. It is our pleasure to be with you providing this virtual support.


The most important insights and suggestions regarding team and organizational culture:

  • The Corona situation is a huge challenge, but also an opportunity to show leadership. Both of these aspects should be addressed proactively. With all interaction being digital-only, this will create challenges for managers, particularly when it comes to dealing with psychological issues.  
  • The new home and split office situation not only imposes physical separation, it also changes the familiar structures and processes that make up our day. This is why it can be very helpful to start each day, or every second day, with a quick video conference – this allows team members to check in and keep up the sense of belonging to a team, while also giving some structure to their morning.
  • Each of us will be coping with this situation in a different way, because we all find ourselves in different situations in terms of our emotions and what is going on in our lives. Some employees will be feeling anxious and stressed, and others will be taking things in their stride – it is essential to listen to both, as otherwise divisions can easily evolve within the team. Listening with empathy is more important than ever.
  • It is of fundamental importance that managers coordinate with each other on unified guidelines, and that team members are able to work together to develop processes. Because every company is a social system, and many employees make comparisons with each other. This means that any perceived unfairness will create additional challenges for managers: “They’re allowed to work from home, but I’m not.” “I’m being forced to take leave now, which means I won’t get to take a proper holiday.” “The other team was allowed this or that freedom, but we’re not.”
  • The new working situation also brings plenty of potential for new, creative ideas. For example, it has become a game to share pictures of home office setups, with a competition to guess which home office belongs to which person. Actively sharing or promoting initiatives that are unifying, humorous or helpful helps to lighten the mood and generate a cheerful and productive working atmosphere.