more awareness – more alignment – better results

Today's leaders and people in organisations are being faced with increasingly rapid cycles of technological, economic and social change, which they respond to with projects and change initiatives. According to BCG (2014), in current practice nearly 75% of such initiatives fall short of their intended results. And in the end, these measures are usually driven by the desire to do better business. better results

Transformation is a process which more comprehensively captures the essence of such changes, by addressing the fundamental and often subconscious beliefs, values and behavioral patterns of the organization and thus the people involved. Therefore, as a vital first step, we need to reflect on the personal attitudes and points of view that form the basis for our behavior, actions and achievements. This step begins with the CEO and his team. more awareness

In order to meld into a collective force, we then need to ask: what gives the team its sense of purpose and direction, and inspires its members to act consistently in line with corporate strategy? What are the factors that unite us? How can we align more with each other and the common goals? What is it that sparks our collective enthusiasm? more alignment

It is our conviction that sustainable change must first take place on the inside, in the mindset of individuals, enabling a more constructive outlook on the world; only then can it take shape on the outside, facilitated by better aligned business approaches, by expedient decision-making, and by behavior that has greater impact, thus leading to better results. inside-out