Overseeing cultural transformations

For years our passionate and dedicated team has been supporting companies to achieve customized cultural transformations.


  1. Our first step is to gain a thorough understanding of your current situation. To help us get to know the current strengths, potential and needs of your workforce and management staff, we run interviews and surveys – then we follow up on the identified issues, working with focus groups to gain a deeper understanding (bottom-up and top-down approach).
  2. In the second step, we draw on the development needs, cultural concerns and personal values of the senior leadership team that were identified in the previous stage to develop a shared vision and an inspiring purpose statement (“parental responsibility” for the system).
  3. In the third step we involve the next level of management, to work on formulating shared expectations with regard to specific behavioral (change) issues. Our aim here is to create a more broadly established orientation framework which makes the cultural issues tangible to the employees.
  4. To support the cultural development within the company and steer it in the direction of the identified goals, we hold workshops in which we facilitate discussion of the cultural content that has been formulated, and at the same time we work on building the cultural competence needed to support this content.
  5. At the end of the day, a company’s structure and processes also form part of the transformation program – on the one hand, they serve to translate the impetus for cultural change into specific new creative solutions, and on the other hand they help us to cross-check whether the existing systems are helping or hindering the cultural change.

We make use of a variety of supportive measures such as a buddy system, Lunch & Learn, and an app to support behavioral change. Finally, integrating the new values into the HR systems ensures that the new culture is sustainably embedded for the future.