Building cultural competence

Leadership workshops

These form the cornerstone for a successful inner transformation (starting with the ‘I’s), in which individuals reflect on and develop their own perceptions and attitudes (inside-out). To achieve this we use polyvalent models with a well-founded psychological basis from our range of tried and proven methods; as well as being understandable from a cognitive point of view, these can also be experienced and applied in real-life situations, equipping you with tools you need to retain specific learnings and make the transformation a lasting reality.

Rollout workshops

The purpose of these is to systematically extend the most important elements and insights from the leadership workshops to the next management level.

Train-the-Trainer workshops

To assure a comprehensive cultural transformation, these provide selected participants from the rollout workshops with the knowledge and skills they will need to implement the next phase in which they will convey the most important transformation elements and tools to the remaining employees. When selecting suitable participants, the most important consideration is whether they have the enthusiasm and charisma they will need to get their colleagues on board. We place less emphasis on professional experience, for example in human resources.

Blended learning

The workshops are accompanied with various forms of online learning and e-learning, enabling attendees to engage with the workshop content in a number of different ways. This leads to deeper engagement, promoting quicker integration of the concepts, and will create faster the desired impact.

Trainer manuals

These are a valuable compendium of all the content, exercises and concepts from the workshops, as well as training tips to enable the internal trainers to act as valuable mentors and anchors both during and after the internal rollout workshops.

Trainee manuals

Tailored especially to the company’s own vision and corporate design, these document both the inspiring new vision and the content and exercises from the workshops. They also contain further guidance for independent learning and self-reflection. As a symbol of the cultural change they represent a valuable incentive, and provide continuity and cohesion between the workshops.