Pierre Bachmann

Affiliate Partner
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The main focus of my work approach lies in creating insight and alignment - be it for personal growth, for better understanding among team members, or for developing the culture as well as the structures and processes of an organization. I am inspired and engaged by sharpening one's look at the world, being able to better understand relationship mechanics, being capable of adopting different perspectives and adjusting one's leadership approach to the needs of various stakeholders. In doing so, I consider the simultaneous consideration of inside-out and outside in as essential - to act from a deeper awareness, and at the same time transfer corresponding insights into adjusting culturally unfavourable structures and processes.
Feedback that I receive from my clients: They feel understood and appreciate the passionate and authentic energy which I can bring into a team.


Pre aergon

Between my Matura and the completion of my studies, I have held HR and project management positions in three major Swiss entreprises, which allowed me to receive an in-depth look into corporate governance and a balancing of theoretical understanding and practical needs. During that time, I also spent several years in leadership and project-specific positions for two non-profit organisations (AFS, Psychology Student Council UZH), for which I have trained and developed youths and young adults. As of 2011, my main efforts lie in the field of transformation and organizational development, during which time I have accompanied both multi-national and small-scale companies in their development processes. I am business psychologist with a lic phil (MSc) degree from the University of Zurich and two pre-degrees in physics from the ETH Zurich. My psychological research focus lies in organizational culture and climate.


Besides aergon

Together with my girlfriend Carole, I live in Zurich, my home town and place of my heart and personal engagement. Ich have a passion for music and play the piano as well as  dj electronic music, which led me to co-organizing the event tonhalleLATE. As further hobbies, I exercise sports, enjoy the internet and IT culture, and enjoy culinary adventures.