Philine Behrendt

Affiliate Partner
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For me, it is always a thrill to get to know an organization with its cultural richness and range of different personalities. My vision is to enable personal fulfilment and economic performance through transformation which reaches people’s hearts and minds.

In my view, we create the ideal platform for profound and sustainable change by helping you to (re)discover your personal motivators, have the courage to leave old habits behind, trust in the process and develop a vision led by inspirational role models and supported by structures and processes.

Feedback I often get from my clients: I provide a refreshing combination of creativity, infectious curiosity and a well-founded analytical and strategic approach.

Before aergon

A desire to explore the impact of human experience and behavior on economic complexity from different perspectives motivated me to study business psychology, first in Erlangen (DE) and then in Fribourg (CH).

Because I love diversity and completeness, I have worked intensively with the role of the human factor in companies from a wide range of industries and cultures. Through leading the design and implementation of standardized recruitment processes at both national and international levels, I have come to realize the particular importance of applicants being a good fit for the company culture.

Through my involvement in developing senior and middle management in medium-sized enterprises and major corporations, I became aware of the potential generated by a symbiotic interweaving of the company culture with leadership as it is experienced in practice. Through designing and facilitating a culture workshop for a company’s executive board and developing an international program for management staff, I have experienced how guidelines and values can come to life and generate a compelling dynamism. As project manager for a media start-up in Munich I led a highly motivated team through a productive structural and cultural realignment aimed both at improving business results and strengthening the employees’ sense of identification with the organization.

Beyond aergon

Although I grew up in Northern Germany, I have been living in my chosen home town, Munich, since 2013. I begin and end my day with a sun salutation. I have been passionate about yoga for a number of years, and at the start of 2015 I attended a professional training course to take my practice of yoga to another level, both theoretically and philosophically. In the weekends I like to recharge my batteries in the great outdoors, running along the banks of the Isar or doing lengths in the outdoor swimming pool. Having grown up in an artistic family, I am often drawn to visit Munich’s wealth of art exhibitions.