Jonas Erb

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I find it really fascinating to work alongside people as they learn to recognize what’s going on inside them, understand what they really want, and use these insights to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Becoming attuned to your core essence and living your life accordingly creates more space for lightness in your everyday life, both at work and at home. It is always a joy to see how meditation, awareness and transformation work enable people to achieve their goals more easily, do their job with less effort, and work together constructively in a team, drawing on synergies.
Clients often tell me: I’m a good listener, I convey a sense of calm and trust, and I make the other person feel they’ve been understood.


Before aergon

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by psychology and consciousness, and I have been drawn to search for an authentic, fulfilling and well-balanced life. In contrast, my studies were focused on understanding logic and complex problems, and I completed a Bachelor and Master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology at ETH Zurich. While studying for my degree, I independently pursued professional development in the areas of psychology, coaching and meditation, and facilitated seminars and coaching sessions on authenticity, communication and psychology in everyday life. After finishing my studies I initially worked as an IT project manager. However, I made a conscious decision to pursue my fascination for psychology and consciousness, and I set up as a freelance coach and seminar facilitator in the field of authenticity, communication and embodiment.


Besides aergon

After a period living abroad, I’m now back in Zurich, my home town. Besides daily meditation and regular sport, I like to dance and I love getting out on the water, travelling, getting to know new languages and cultures, and developing my knowledge in a diverse range of fields.