Annika Gartenmann

Art Coaching & Asia Connection
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I enjoy assisting people to become more aware of their unconscious drivers, to let go of limiting mindsets which no longer serve them, and to discover more self-connection and their zest for live. While facilitating workshops in a creative environment like a gallery or museum, using art as a tool for deeper self-reflection, I marvel at the joy and transformative energy participants experience.  Adding moments of silence and contemplating pieces of art creates a deep and sustainable learning effect and aligns our intellectual with our emotional capacities. Since 2016, we enjoy organizing intercultural “Art & Leadership” workshops in Greater China with the idea of “East meets West”.

What my clients say about me:  I am creative, empathetic and clear.


Pre aergon

I completed the “Facilitator Development Program” (FDP) of Gita Bellin Associates, the reflection training at Symbolon AG in Vienna as well as several behavioral psychology courses. I hold an MBA from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a specialization in finance and organizational psychology and have been working for Citigroup in Frankfurt, London and Zurich in the field of investment banking.


Besides aergon

I live near Zurich with my husband Thomas and enjoy a busy family life with our three children.  Nature and sports are important sources of energy for me, with a great passion for high mountain ski touring. Since many years, I am very engaged in supporting handicapped orphans and socially disadvantaged children in China and Laos. As president of the organization “TASNA Association – Supporting children in Asia“ I visit the children every year, which allows me to speak Mandarin, which is another passion of mine.