The aergon story

For over 30 years Thomas Gartenmann has been enabling leaders and individuals in organizations to fully realize their own personal potential and that of their company – starting at the rational level, then shifting the focus increasingly to psychological and cultural aspects.   

In 2015 he joined with Beate Junginger, a friend and colleague of many years, to form a new company – working together with passion and dedication they created aergon, which has offices in Munich and Zurich. A magnetic field is a force which is generated by objects, while at the same time impacting on those objects that generated it – invisible to the eye, yet very powerful. It wasn’t long before new team members were drawn into aergon’s magnetic field – many of whom forged a personal and professional connection which has lasted many years. We are now a team of 12 highly qualified psychologists and culture experts who share an inspiring purpose – we work together intensively to deliver our program, which we are constantly developing and improving.

Just as magnets can change their force and direction, so too can people. In order to better pursue their respective strengths, since 2019 Beate Junginger has led aergon Munich to focus strategically on SMEs, while aergon Zurich continues to support international transformations in large corporations.