Dr. Mélanie Huser

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I find fulfillment in supporting people on their journey to personal, professional and spiritual growth. I place great value on building authentic relationships and creating a workplace culture that is motivational and promotes excellence. Also, as a coach, I help managers to find a sense of purpose by aligning their lives with their personal values, passions and aspirations. My goal is to make transformation possible, both on a personal and organizational level, by creating a space which fosters deeper understanding and allows authentic connections to flourish. 

What my clients say about me: I am passionate and inspiring, with a sharp intellect.


Before aergon

In 2010 I finished my medical degree at the University of Zurich, and then worked as a doctor specializing in internal medicine and emergency medicine in various hospitals in the Canton of Zurich. After four years I was made Senior Doctor in the emergency ward of the University Hospital of Zurich; in addition to diagnosing and treating patients, in this role I was responsible for managing 12 junior doctors. I thrived on the constant challenge of this high-pressure environment, and I enjoyed the interdisciplinary aspect. However, I soon realized that I wanted to focus more on the area of personal relationship-building and supporting people realize their potential.  

After an eight-month sabbatical in Buenos Aires I moved to Barcelona, and managed to obtain two qualifications in tandem: a disruptive degree in the area of “social entrepreneurship”, and a Master’s degree  “Coaching and personal leadership” in Spanish at the University of Barcelona. 


Besides aergon

I live with my partner, Sascha, in Zurich – the town where I grew up, and which I have made my home of choice after returning from abroad. I love spending time outdoors, whether cross country skiing, biking, stand-up paddle boarding or hiking. Besides that, as an enthusiastic part-time yoga teacher, I give training sessions both in Switzerland and abroad. My hobby, partner acrobatics, makes me laugh regularly – as well as teaching me never to give up, no matter what challenge I am facing.